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What is copywriting

What is copywriting?

Let's go through a simple explanation and examples of what this "copywriting" stuff is.

how to become a copywriter pic

How to become a copywriter

The most in-depth and example-filled guide about becoming a copywriter. Includes how to gain the skills you need, get clients, and charge for your services.

Fiverr experiment thumb

Is Fiverr Worth It?

I bought 25 gigs on Fiverr, spent 302 dollars, and got alllllllll this stuff outsourced. An amazing example of the things you can get outsourced for super cheap prices.

email open rates pic

Email Open Rates

See real-life examples of other people's open rates. Actual screenshots, open rates and click through rates for email lists ranging from 200 people to 750,000 people.

Hire a copywriter

How To Hire A Copywriter

Here's 4 different ways to hire a copywriter. Prices ranging from just $5.50 all the way up to $25,000/project depending on what your project requires.

tone of voice in copywriting

Copywriting Tone of Voice 

What tone of voice should you use in your writing? This guide goes through different tones depending on your industry and personality.

app store descriptions article

How to write app store descriptions

We scraped data from the Top 100 Paid and Free apps in the iOS app store, and here's the findings on description lengths (plus the raw data if you're curious).

power and trigger words

Giant list of power words

A big ass list of Power Words and Trigger Words to use in your sales. Just skim through them for inspiration to spice up your copy.

Copywriting Exercises

Copywriting Exercises

Writing is like developing any other skill, it takes practice. So here's some exercises to beef up your copywriting chops!

street advertising experiment

Street Advertising Experiment

We took some underperforming street signs, replaced them with new ones, and immediately got 50% more random walk-in's for the store.

headlines that sell

Copywriting headlines that sell

A bunch of headlines that sell really well, including some real stats pulled from our own email and content systems.

cold emails that sell

How to Cold Email like a boss

Sam Parr takes us through how he got dozens of high-end speakers to speak for free at HustleCon. Includes the scripts and templates he used.

Get rid of writers block thumb

Get rid of Writer's Block

Here's 11 methods personally used to get rid of Writer's Block in a hurry. Not all will work for you, but at least 1 or 2 will.

One pager examples

One-Pager Examples

Examples of advertising One Pagers used by both online and offline businesses. Templates included for Google Drawings, Microsoft Word, and Photoshop.

copywriting books and courses

Copywriting Books & Courses

These are the Top 11 books and courses that can help feed your brain with more copywriting knowledge.

newbie advice for copywriters

Newbie advice for copywriting (video)

Total newbie to copywriting? This video is a great start for resources on how to start learning. Most of these methods are free.

sales letters

Making effective sales letters

Making a giant sales letter can seem daunting, so we broke it down into steps for you to follow.

company slogans

Company slogans (plus all the scraped data)

We scraped every company slogan from the S&P 500 Index and analyzed them to find the common trends.

text analyzer

Text analyzer tool

Enter your texr, or enter a URL, and this cool little tool will analyze it and give you numbers to use. 

cover letter

How to write a cover letter

Cover letters are dead in the modern job hunting world, except for 3 crucial times you definitely need them. Denise Renee (10+ years as a recruiter) shows you how to make a great cover letter.

f you money calculator

The "Fuck You Money" Calculator

How much cash would you need to be completely set for life? This basic calculator puts in in perspective.

copywriting examples

Copywriting examples

Examples of real-world copywriting in action including the before/after results and screenshots. 

advertorial examples

Advertorials and how to write them

Advertorials are like an editorial column mixed in with a paid advertisements. Here's some rules of writing advertorials and examples.

uber emails

Improving Uber Emails

A case study in how we could improve the emails of the Uber ride-sharing service and get more exposure for their multiple services.

product pricing calc

Product Pricing Calculator

Sometimes working BACKWARDS is the best way to price your product. Enter in how much money you want to make, it'll tell you how much to charge.

yelp b2b emails

B2B Sales Emails

Watch how Alicia tripled her Yelp B2B emails with just some minor tweaks in copywriting. 

powerwashing flyers template

Powerwashing Flyers that went from $0 - $13k in sales

A fantastic case study of how a powerwashing business went from $0 to $13,000/mo in sales with some clever flyers.

self publish a book

How to self publish a book

Here's my complete guide to self publishing a book super fast. It's easy (and kinda fun)!

maslow's hierarchy of marketing

Marketing psychology using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Viewing your marketing through the lens of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is very helpful in identifying what customers what.

three tiered pricing

The Three Pronged Pricing Technique

When pricing a product or service, using a three tiered pricing strategy is great. Protects the low-end customers, and also high-end customers.

get job or start biz

Get a Job vs Start a Business

If you've ever pondered if you should stay in a job or go and start your own business, this guide may help clarify what to.

How do I make money

How Do I Make Money?

This is a common question I get asked quite a bit. So a video was made to explain the whole thing in detail!

The Content Creation Process with Sam

The Content Creaton Process

This is Sam. He writes TheHustle. They put our hundreds of articles a month. He spills the beans on how they do it.

Copywriter Salary

Copwriter Salaries

Want to see what different types of copywriters make? Here's a huge set of data and the findings.

Freelance Copywriting Jobs as a beginner

Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

This goes over how to get freelance copywriting gigs even if you are totally new to the copywriting game.

Copywriting Advice for Beginners

Copywriting Advice for Beginners

If you're trying to get better at copywriting in general, this is a great place to start.

Working from home office

How to Work From Home Successfully 

After 12+ years of being able to work from anywhere in the world, here are my time-tested and proven tactics.

How to write a newsletter

How to Write An Email Newsletter

Trying to write a good email newsletter that also brings in good sales? Read this guide and follow along.

Story Arcs

Story Arcs for Content Marketing

If your good content also follows a good story arc, it can double its effectiveness.

Recurring Revenue Calculator

Recurring Revenue Calculator

This simple calculator can quickly demonstrate the power of recurring revenue for you AND your customers. Just enter 3 things and it will give you the full pricing breakdown.

Email List Ideas

Email List Ideas (and Generator)

In two seconds you can generate over 120+ email list ideas customized to your industry and product. Just type in the name of your topic and it'll do the rest! 

Monthly Goal Planner

Monthly Goal Planner (and templates)

Making just 3 goals to fulfill per month is a great way to accomplish a lot during the year. This generator will help.

Distraction free writing on a mac

Distraction Free Writing on a Mac

This is a great little hack you can use on your Mac to get a full-screen distraction-free writing zone setup in two seconds. Super helpful for writers to avoid being distracted! 

We put a lot of time/effort/money into making these free guides. 

Any mentions, fowarding, or sharing these articles is massively appreciated!

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Copywriting Courses,Training, Services:

The Kopywriting Kourse: Get trained to write damn great copy.

This is how I would recommend going from Copy Zero to Copy Hero. We write 12x more copy in today's world than in the past. Emails, text messages, web pages, blog posts, social media updates, video scripts.....it's all copywriting at it's core. 

Imagine learning to increase the "conversion rate" on every piece of copy you write. Whether to get your point across, convince someone to take an action, or convince someone to buy something.....writing better copy is how you do it. 

The Kopywriting Kourse will takes our years of knowledge, hundreds of clients, thousands of courses sold, millions of dollars generated for myself and clients, hundreds of millions of eyeballs seeing our work, and installs that all into your head. Don't waste time, check it out now

autoresponder kourse

The Autoresponder Kourse: Get trained writing autoresponders.

One of the ways to get your buisness on "auto pilot" is to have an autoresponder in place. One of the ways to get people salivating to buy from you while your business is on "auto pilot" is to have a DAMN GREAT autoresponder. 

The difference between "just an autoresponder" and a "DAMN GREAT AUTORESPONDER" is immense. It's the different between politely spamming someone, or getting people to love your emails, respond and interact with them, and ultimate buy from them.....while you do absolutely nothing.

It's best to take The Kopywriting Kourse first so you know how to write amazing copy, and then take the AutoresponderKourse after. Checkout the Autoresponder Kourse here.

copywriting consults

Private 1-on-1 Consultations: Crazily Productive + 10x Returns.

Work directly with me in a 1-on-1 video consultation. These run 1 hour, are over video chat so we can talk with each other and share our screens like we're meeting in person. 

I bring a lot of value to the table as I've been involved with: 

  • NevBlog: One of the very first financial blogs on the internet. Now used for accountability.
  • AppSumo: Big discounts on SaaS products sent to over 850,000 people.
  • SumoMe: Tools to get traffic & signups on your website. On 450,000+ websites.
  • Author: Wrote a book. Companies use it as a style reference guide.
  • eCommerce owner: Owned one of largest rave retailers till 2011. 
  • TheHustle: Media company that runs a business news site and puts on HustleCon.
  • KopywritingKourse: Train businesses to make all their people copywriters. 
  • An actual copywriter: Every Tuesday and Thursday I'm on calls with clients writing copy for them, running tests, and changing their business models. I get access and insights to 100's of different businesses (in different industies)....I'm on these calls getting actual data & feedback on what is currently working online and offine, and can help you with it too. 

My goal is to gain back every client 10x of their investment with me. I'm proud to say it happens all the time. I take absolute pride in my work, and bring it strong on these calls. If you are your team is interested in bringing me on, you can book a session here

Email List Management Software

I've got to play around with and use a lot of email list builders through various companies:

AppSumo: 750,000 members that depend on email. 

TheHustle: 100,00 members that depend on email. 

KopywritingKourse: 52,000 members that depend on email. 

Here's my personal recommendations for email list management software (a very common question):

aweber logo

SUPER EASY: Aweber is great if you're looking for something super easy to start with, or are below 50,000 members, I would simply suggest Aweber. This is what I used for 4+ years, and I loved it. 

I highly recommend beginners start with Aweber. It's by far the most simple to use, and the email deliverability rates are great. 

Pros: Super cheap, really easy to use, can send out broadcasts, can make autoresponders, very simple to use drag-n-drop editor. 

Cons: It doesn't have super-advanced automation, although it's unlikely you'll use such features unless you're very advanced and have more than 100,000 subscribers. 

ConvertKit Logo

MEDIUM: ConvertKit was built out of frustration from Aweber being TOO simple, and InfusionSoft being TOO complex. It's like the medium Goldilocks of email providers. 

If I had to start my business all over again today, I would 100% go with ConvertKit. 

Pros: Super simple to do all the things bloggers and course creators need to do, easy drag-n-drop editors, has the perfect amount of simple and advanced automation, can make broadcasts, can make autoresponders, quick support, high deliverability reported, popups included, form embeds included.

Cons: Company has been around for 2 years compared with 10+ for Aweber and InfusionSoft, doesn't have integrated order forms like InfusionSoft (but it does seemlessly integrate with a lot of shopping carts).

Infusionsoft logo

ADVANCED: InfusionSoft is what I currently use for my email marketing. It's a full CMS system so it's quite powerful, but beware....it's still rather complex.

I would absolutely NOT RECOMMEND InfusionSoft for beginners. It's only for if you have lots of subscribers, need lots of different order forms, are pretty advanced, and need lots of advanced autoation rules. 

Pros: Is a full CMS system for advanced sales, has advanced automation rules, can send broadcasts, can make autoresponders, new drag-n-drop editor is actually quite nice, advanced reporting, order forms and payment gateways integrated into one system, can run multiple businesses from one account. 

Con's: Definitely not for beginners, will require a learning curve, may have to hire a specialist at times to help you set things up properly, you probably won't use 90% of the features you buy, has advanced reporting yet the simple reporting is severly lacking. 

Building a site resources:

One of the common things people ask about is how I built KopywritingKourse.com. Like....the actual nuts and bolts. Besides my email service provider (listed above) these are the primary tools everything is built on (it's actually relatively simple thanks to these tools):


SumoMe: If you want to increase your conversion rates, there's literally one thing to put on your website immediately: SumoMe. 

It's a tiny piece of text you install on your website, and you immediately get a full suite of tools for conversion.

My personal recommendation: Add the Welcome Mat feature on your page, and keep it kinda ghetto, and it will get ~7% conversions (in my experience). It's the easiest way to start building an email list. 

wordpress logo

Wordpress: This is the blogging platform I use. It's totally free if you host it yourself (maybe "medium" technical proficiency). 

I've been using Wordpress for 7+ years, and it's been the one that constantly improves and never goes away (it's open source and has a massive developer community adding cool stuff to it all the time).

If you don't want to self host it, I'd suggest using WPengine to host your Wordpress and keep it updated (see below).


WPengine: You can host Wordpress for free (which I did for years), but it requires a fair bit of maintenance. I moved to WPengine 4 years ago, and have been extremely happy ever since. 

I started off with a $29/mo plan, and eventually moved up to an Enterprise plan as traffic increased. But since I've been on WPengine, not one problem with Wordpress EVER. This is huge (you know what I'm talking about if you've ever self-hosted a Wordpress site for years). 


Shopify: If you're doing an eCommerce site, then Shopify is hands down the way to go. 

I started off on the internet with an eCommerce business, and I know first hand the features to worry about is NOT just how the front-end of the store looks.

Features like adding products, refunding, customer management, inventory management etc should all be super easy. I used Shopify for years when Kopywriting Kourse started. If you're selling 10+ items, Shopify is my recommendation.

Leadpages logo

LeadPages: Building a landing page really does suck. They're long, complex, and you even up having messy code. I'm a fulltime copywriter and make them every week. 

LeadPages is a templatized way of making big landing pages that also look great. If I'm hosting a webinar, I just throw up a LeadPages page in less than 2 minutes thanks to LeadPages.

And get this....the page you're reading right now (this resources page)was built on LeadPages all by myself)!!

Kopywriting Kourse

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