Live Office Hours + a copywriting course that takes you from beginner to advanced

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By joining our Office Hours you get access to one year of live group coaching (that's 24 calls)! They happen every two weeks, and you can ask for help on any project you want, and we'll go through it together, live.

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24 Live Group Coaching Calls (Worth $3,200)  

That's right, with this bundle you will get the option to hop on a group call with Neville 24 times! This means your questions will definitely get answered. The eager-beavers who hop on all the group coaching calls get tons of time, copy re-written, and business-changing advice.

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The Call Recording Archive (worth $600)

Can't make a call? Don't worry, you can still ask a question even if you can't make it. We even record all calls so you can review them later! There's a lot of great "moments" that happen on these calls, and you can re-watch them at your liesure. You also get access to the notes we take and docs we use, and full breakdowns of each session.

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Private Kopy Group Invite (worth $300)

This is a group where like-minded copy hounds hang out and run copy by each other, share new tactics, and discuss new trends. I personally run almost all my own articles through this private group before posting them, and always get fantastic feedback that influences all my decisions!

rob r testimonial

The “office hours” with Nev are INCREDIBLY helpful. You get a pro to personally review and improve your copy and business in real time. So nice, I signed up twice.

I signed up for Nev’s Kopy Kourse because of his entertaining, generous and witty writing. I had NO IDEA how valuable and fun it would be until I logged on for a few of the office hours calls.  

You’ve helped me and my new business in more ways than I can say right now. - Rob Roseman, KickStart Reading

Here’s some live excerpts of office hours

Rob is starting to get a bit of press for and wants to learn how to get more, we show him some ways and techniques. 

We go through Deb’s interesting company that makes electronic sign animations for companies, and show her how some simple videos and descriptions could increase effectiveness.

Watch as we figure out what SEO content to write for O’neisha’s Pharmacy Tech Exam website. We then fill in each section she needs to write.

Gerard gets one shot to impress a freelance client with a high performing Facebook Ads. A video creator wants Gerard to beat his control Facebook Ad. Watch as we try to best figure out which one performs, and how to approach clients like this.  

With Office Hours, you also get the entire Kopywriting Kourse suite of training programs:

Go through these courses in order to get the most of the KopywritingKourse Bundle!

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The Kopywriting Kourse (worth $697). 

This is the original video course that's taught thousands of people to create copy, content, and emails that bring in the dollars. Not only that, but it's often standard watching for hundreds of companies. The combination of fun videos and live demonstrations make it easy to learn from.

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The Kopywriting Checklist (worth $10). 

This is a quick-copy guide that can lead anyone through a piece of psychology driven sales copy within 30 minutes or less. Just follow along and it will help you write out. This guide is often passed around offices for people who need help writing, and they end up cranking out great sales copy. 

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The Autoresponder Kourse (Worth $197).

This is the course that will teach you the secrets of writing copy all through an autoresponder sequence. This is a key piece of building an audience. If you've ever dreamed of passive income, but don't know how to use an autoresponder, you're going to have a tough time building that dream!

Autoresponder Bank

The Autoresponder Bank (worth $297).  

This is a bank vault full of different autoresponders that've been proven to work. It's quite difficult to start an autoresponder completely from scratch, so it's nice to have access to a bank full of written examples you can take inspiration from without having to rack your brain all day.

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The "Content Writing Kourse" (worth $497). 

This is the course where we go in-depth on content writing, and how you can literally create the best piece of content about a subject on Earth. No joke. This kind of training is what gets people ranked at the top of Google, and massive amounts of shares for their articles.

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The "Become A Copywriter" Course (worth $497). 

This is designed to help you kick off (or improve) your career as a freelance copywriter. Even people with no desire to become a professional copywriter love this course. It will take you through everything you need to know from starting out, to getting new clients, to charging premium rates.


Satisfaction Is Guaranteed. If you give our programs an honest try, come to our office hours sessions, and are still not satisfied with our materials, tell us and we'll take care of you.

For questions contact us Mon-Fri (9am - 5pm CST): Email: Text/SMS: 323-393-3323

Join the Office Hours AND get top notch copywriting training starting today. New content updates included for life. Time is limited.

Prices go up soon. If you are looking to get copywriting guidance starting now (for yourself and for your employees), we highly suggest grabbing one of these packages today! You get to keep access to the training and updates forever. Just one tweak of an email or a tiny change to sales page often pays for the entire course right away for many customers.

Kopywriting Kourse Monthly Member:

$97 or 12mo's Instant Access to training & Office Hours.

  • The Kopywriting Kourse (worth $697). 
  • The Kopywriting Checklist (worth $10). 
  • The Autoresponder Kourse (worth $197). 
  • The Autoresponder Bank (worth $197). 
  • Content Writing Kourse (Worth $297). 
  • The Become A Copywriter Course (Worth $497). 

This is the most bang-for-the-buck copywriting education out there. It includes everything needed to set you up for copywriting success: Video training, templates, generators, Live Office Hours, and a community of people training themselves to learn just like you. We are proudly offering all this amazing material and live help for only $97/mo for 12mo's. Cancel anytime. 

  • Call Recording Archive (worth $600). 
  • Private Facebook Group Invite (worth $300). 
  • 24 Group Office Hours Calls - 1 year (worth $2,400). 


Kopywriting Bundle: Course Package

$750 one-time payment Instant Access to training & Office Hours.

  • The Kopywriting Kourse (worth $697). 
  • The Kopywriting Checklist (worth $10). 
  • The Autoresponder Kourse (worth $197). 
  • The Autoresponder Bank (worth $197). 
  • Content Writing Kourse (Worth $297). 
  • The Become A Copywriter Course (Worth $497). 

This is all the content you need to go from newbie copywriter all the way to writing copy so good you can even charge for it. Also get access to a like-minded group and coaching calls with Neville. Remember, one call can make thousands of dollars or transform a business.

  • Call Recording Archive (worth $600). 
  • Private Facebook Group Invite (worth $300). 
  • 24 Group Office Hours Calls - 1 year (worth $2,400).