Job Hunt & Freelancing Pack

$97.00 (one time payment)

This is for people looking for jobs or freelancing gigs in the meantime. It contains:

  • Scripts to copy/paste for looking for a job through your friend network (Facebook and LinkedIn).
  • Emails scripts requesting interviews for different positions and roles.
  • Emails scripts asking for freelance gigs.
  • Exact scripts you can post to social media asking for freelance gigs.
  • Portfolio templates you can copy/paste and fill out.
  • Training on how to approach requesting a job.
  • Training on how to approach requesting freelance gigs.  
Buy now for $97.00

Email and Social Scripts for Interviewing

Often times when applying for job you need to send an interview to the recruiter. This can be a daunting task. 

With this pack or email scripts however, you can choose the appropriate email template and just copy/paste it to the recruiter. 

These emails were designed to be quick, efficient, and answer exactly what recruiters want to know. 

All you have to do is copy and paste.

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Email and Social Scripts for Freelance Gigs

Between jobs many people like to try their hand at freelancing. However they don't know where to start, or if they will even like it.

This is why we created an entire section of scripts you can send via email or post on Facebook Groups to get gigs.

These scripts all have been tested and successfully brought in freelancing cashflow. 

Build A Shareable Portfolio In Minutes With Our Templates

No fancy software is required. No design knowledge is required. 

....yet we can still make you a fantastic portfolio in minutes. All you have to do is copy & paste these templates. 

These quick portfolios are amazing to have when looking for freelance gigs, and even are incredibly useful for job hunting. We include training how to best use these, the actual templates, and real life examples you can learn from.

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Reasons To Buy

4 stars

Templates written by a professional copywriter and job recruiter. 

We found most people procrastinate their job search because "they don't know what to write" in their emails requesting jobs.

We've handled all the scripts, you concentrate on getting jobs or gigs.

4 stars

Spend your time finding the right job, not writing emails.

It's more important you spend your time searching for the right job, rather than spending hours trying to craft the perfect email.

This will save you hours of time as we have all the emails/scripts ready for you.

4 stars

It's a fact that 85% of jobs are filled through a personal network.

It's amazing that when looking for a job, people don't tell their friends on Facebook or LinkedIn. 

We've noticed people who do this get leads expeceptionally fast. We include scripts and training on how to do this in a tactful way.

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