Hour for hour, copywriting might be the most valuable skill you could ever learn (it sure was for me). 

I was running a rave products drop-shipping business for years, and had collected 7,000 email subscribers. At the advice of some marketing friends, I was regularly sending out an email newsletter to these previous customers. 

The emails i was sending out looked like this:

.....I took all the pictures in those emails myself.

I edited all the picture myself.

I arranged and layed out the emails myself.

I made those giant "View Item" buttons myself.

This means I was spending between 12 and 20 hours for EACH EMAIL.

Now, I wouldn't mind spending so much time on a piece of content, but the problem was this:


In fact, I was going in the negative. 

Dig this: Those emails I spent so much time on were each bringing in only about $40 in profit. 

Yeah.....I had 7,000 people on an email list, and hardly anyone was buying. 

I started to doubt if I was picking the wrong products to feature, or if people just weren't interested in what I had to sell (even though all 7,000 people were previous customers).

Then something weird happened. A friend turned me onto a marketing tactic known as "copywriting."

After studying copywriting, I finally realized something about the marketing world and all the different mediums of communicating with people: 


Google AdSense = What makes a good ad? Good copy. 


Facebook Ads = What makes a high converting Facebook ad? Good copy and psychology. 

Email marketing = What makes a high converting email list? Damn good copy. 

Content marketing = What makes people link to your articles? Damn great content which is usually a combination of great copy and very helpful info. 

Video marketing = What makes people pay attention to your videos? Damn great video which is based off a solid script and laid out in a psychologically convincing way. 

What I’m blatantly trying to show you here is that ALL GREAT MARKETING COMES DOWN TO THE COPY BEHIND IT:

  • Text
  • Audio 
  • Video

These all are different forms of communication that are trying to accomplish the exact same goal:


Get information from one brain to another! 

If you’re trying to write a sales page, you are trying to get information into someone’s brain that convinces them to buy. If you’re writing an email to thousands of people on an email list, you are trying to get information into their brain. 

Either to sell them on a concept, or sell them on a product. If you’re making a video for your website, you’re trying to get information into someone’s brain. 

Basically all these forms of communication boil down to how well we can get a piece of information stuck into someone’s brain. 

And guess what? There’s good and bad ways of doing this. 

When I first learned about copywriting I was staying up till 6 in the morning studying different techniques and tactics. I was both happy AND sad I had just learned about it. Happy because now I felt like I’d be successful in life since I could sell stuff 10x better. Sad because I had only just now learned this. 

I remember in high school me and a friend did an experiment where we power washed driveways for people. We borrowed a power washer and set out door-to-door. The way we approached people when they answered the door was this brilliant line:

“Uhhh, do you want us to power wash your driveway?”

Uggh….so stupid we were. 

You see, back then I had NO idea how the hell to sell. AND HOW WOULD I? It’s not something they teach in school. And even if you learn the the School of Hard Knocks, you still might go through life selling the wrong way. In case you’re wondering, I would’ve sold the power washing in a totally different way: 

I would’ve first written out a script before going out and talking to people. The script would be written in such a way that it would hit each psychological trigger that makes someone buy. 

I would first get their attention: “Oh hey, how’s it going. I noticed your driveway is like….crazily dirty.” 

I would then get their interest by giving them interesting information: “I noticed you have kids. Do they play out on the driveway? They do? Do you know they’re getting this toxic oil all over them when they play? We can get all that off.” 

I would then make them desire the service: “I also noticed it looks like you’re trying to sell your home. If you were to power wash this driveway, your home would look a whole helluva lot more well-kept. Here’s a before and after picture of a house down the street we power washed, take a look at the difference!” 

I would then get them to take action: “If you want your driveway power washed, it’ll be $40 for now. Your whole house would cost only $120 since we’ll already be setup. You can let us know if you’d like us to add that service whenever.” 

YOU SEE THAT??? That was a MUCH more effective sales pitch. The cool thing was, behind writing that is just a small formula I use. I can come up with this kind of sales pitch for ANYTHING off the top of my head since I know some copywriting techniques.


If you are a startup who is trying to building a product, but haven’t found the words to sell it that get people excited.....the KopywritingKourse is for you.

If you are just learning how to become a marketer and want to learn how to sell without being a sleezeball.....the KopywritingKourse is for you.

If you are a business owner or manager trying to get your employees to learn better copywriting, and need a course that can completely shatter their notions of how to sell stuf.....the KopywritingKourse is for you....and Premium KopywritingKourse members get access to a whole armory full of useful copywriting training, community, and even live video calls every month.

Years later I was kicking myself that I hadn't learned copywriting earlier...

1st Stage: Knew nothing about how to sell.

I started a bunch of small "businesses" without having a clue how to sell properly. I didn't know that was a factor in the success of a business.

I went along for years not knowing about copywriting. Now years in the future I'm kicking myself.

2nd Stage: Learned & applied copy techniques.

I completely transformed one of my businesses from an eCommerce retailer into an email marketing retailer. I also started writing long-form emails which transformed AppSumo marketing. 750,000 people would read my emails with extraordinarily high engagemnt rates. 

What's even more impressive is I went from just annoying people via email, to having people WAIT and ASK for my emails! This change was brought about just my learning copywriting.

More than 50,000,000 emails with my words were sent out every single month. Millions in sales were generated. Writing became an easy and enjoyable task (not to mention very profitable).

All thanks to the replicatable power of good copy.

3rd Stage: People started asking about copywriting.

It wasn't long until other companies started knocking on my door asking how they could implement these copy strategies. 

Obviously armed with years of experience and hundreds of millions of emails and pageviews later, copywriting seemed like SUCH AN OBVIOUS skill to learn.

However I had individuals and companies coming to me who were doing it completely wrong. 

The demand quickly grew, so I created KopywritingKourse to spread this information. 

To teach people I've made articles, PDF's, videos, done webinars, done insterviews, made screencasts and taught live seminars. 

The KopywritingKourse is a summed up and quick version of all those learnings. It's the fastest way to get all the knowledge in my head, into yours.

It's my job to sift through all the sludge, test out the tactics myself (on my own business and clients businesses), then teach you exactly what works:

KopywritingKourse teaches the templates, examples, and methods learned from:

250,000,000+ emails sent.

24,000+ product sales.

Worked in 20+ different industries.

Millions of dollars in digital sales.

 375+ consult sessions.

Running a top rated copywriting blog.

1,200+ articles written.

Landed in 1,400,000+ email inboxes.

High praise from high up people

“When Neville first sent an email out to the AppSumo list, we saw a significant increase in click through rate and purchases. I recently did a test that used the standard copy I wrote, and then a version that Neville wrote. We actually saw a 300% increase in the click-through rate. It actually helped the click-through rate AND the signups on AppSumo, from just a copy change. 

Noah Kagan 

AppSumo, SumoMe, Gambit, Mint, Facebook

“Before someone starts working at MailLift, we make them watch KopywritingKourse. People love it, and they love Neville too.” 

Brian Curliss


"Neville was my writing inspiration. In fact the first copy training I ever got was the KopywritingKourse. We now output 30+ articles a week at TheHustle, get millions of views per month, and till this day use Neville's methods to write all our articles."

Sam Parr

Apartment List, The Hustle, HustleCon

Learn how to craft the most effective, most dangerous, most profitable emails.

The term "Email Marketing" gets thrown around a lot. However when most companies do "Email Marketing" it's more like "Email Spamming." 

That's not how we do things around here.

My words have have been sent out in over 250,000,000 emails, and take it from me, by simply spamming your list you will eventually get penalized, and flat out doesn't make as many sales.  

Let me show you how to create emails you feel good about sending, that actually help people, easily slip through all spam filters, and get opened by people who WANT to open them.

If you ever plan to work in sales, being able to send out one good email can make the difference between no sales, and hitting your numbers.

Learn from the masters of getting email responses what the tricks of the trade are for getting buyers to open your emails. 

The best part is all you have to do is rearrange some words, and the outcome can be drastically different. 

Learning to craft these emails is why companies get KopywritingKourse for all their employees. 

The ROI on this skill is through the roof.


 Let's just pretend you're not getting all that other stuff (like the live calls and access to the community) for a second....and focus on what you get immediately when you signup: The KopywritingKourse video training course. It was designed to be simple to get through, and install copywriting knowledge in your head.

We made it fun, self-paced, and give lifetime access for when you need a refresher. You get it immediately when you join as a KopywritingKourse Premium Member.



This course was specifically designed to take someone who barely knows what copywriting is, to a level where they can properly copywrite anything they want. This skill is super important in business and in the workplace.



The entire course is designed to work on desktops, tablets, and phones. No problems viewing content and streaming video from whichever device you'd like. Learn at home, or while you're on the go. Anywhere....Anytime.

mobile devices


Email is still the undisputed king of coversions, and it's incredibly important to know how to craft a good sales email. We'll be going over this inside the KopywritingKourse.



A big building doesn't stay up without a solid foundation to lay on. That's why we make sure to teach you the basics first, then build upon that solid foundation. This is how a good copywriter is trained and created.

Pen and paper


Some people absorb things quickly, others re-watch videos and take notes (I'm the 2nd option). This course was designed to teach you copywriting quickly, then be there when you need a refresher.  



Not to be clingy.....but we love you. We genuinely want this to help you. That's why we're always here. Reach us by phone, reach us by email, reach us through the in-course messaging. We gotchyo back.

Let's take a peek inside The Kopywriting Kourse (which you get immediately when you become a Premium Member): 

After you signup as a Premium Member, you will get a personalized login. This will allow you to login to the Premium Members Area. We took some screenshots of a few of the modules, and you can see the modules are laid out in order and easy to follow.  

Just login and watch the first video. Then watch the next. We made it very logical to follow along (I personally hate it when I buy a course and it's just a big jumble of links and downloads). 

All the info and videos are yours to access for whenever you need to watch:

Now let's see what you'll learn inside some of the modules......


2 core modules + 6 Specific Knowledge Modules + 1 Bonus Vault + 1 Discussion Group = Endless upside.

green checkmark icon

Learn to think like a copywriter

Getting into the copywriters mindset is so important, we don't write a single word until you understand this. These lessons alone are game changing. 

green checkmark icon

Learn the technical aspects

I'm not here to teach only theory. That would be silly. I'm showing you how to get actual words onto an actual page. You'll get to follow along as I go through live copy examples.

green checkmark icon

Advanced copy stategies 

We've covered the basics, and now we're going to go deeper into actual tactics. This is where we apply copywriting to different business models.

green checkmark icon

Content Marketing Copywriting

The word "content marketing" is thrown around as if any crappy article posted on the web is "content." We're going to show you how to actually make kick ass articles that get linked, ranked, and read.

green checkmark icon

Copy in a hurry

If you (or your team) has a tight deadline and there's not a lot of time to learn copy, I have a module inside the KopywritingKourse just for you. It's a follow-along guide that will get you from an assignment to completion in just a few minutes. 

green checkmark icon

Cold Sales Email Writing

Learning to write a damn good cold sales email pitch is what takes salespeople from low performers to top performers. This training has transformed sales teams and businesses alike. 

green checkmark icon

eCommerce Copywriting

Depending on what you're selling, the copy tactics you'll use are different. eCommerce is near and dear to my heart since my first real business was an eCommerce retailer. Since opening that, I've learned many tips and tricks for writing eCommerce copy. 

green checkmark icon

Writing Sales Pages

The #1 thing people come to me for help with is sales pages.....those notoriously long bohemoths that sell things on the web. I've got some great starategies and formulas to follow that will make sales pages way simpler to manage and write. 

green checkmark icon

The Bonus Vault

These are additional long-form interviews, copy teardowns, and breakthroughs in people's copy that get continuously updated as new content comes along. 

green checkmark icon

KopywritingKourse Updates

When we make updates to the KopywritingKourse, you automatically get the new updates. We love our memembers and don't try to nickel & dime them by charging for updates.

Specifically structured in a way that ensures students apply the knowledge and make back their investment:

KopywritingKourse Testimonial
kopy kourse review
KopywritingKourse Testimonial 4
Kopywriting Kourse Testimonial 5
KopywritingKourse Testimonial 1
KopywritingKourse Testimonials 3
KopywritingKourse Review
kopy kourse testimonial
kopy kourse testimonial
kopywriting kourse testimonials
KopywritingKourse Testimonial
KopywritingKourse Testimonial

It's like getting Face-To-Face training. Just you and me.

Watch my methods

The great part about a video course is you get to see me writing live in action. People always tell me they pickup so many more little nuances of writing by physically WATCHING it be done.

Enagaging and interesting

The benefit of video training is I can edit and trim the videos of "err's and "umm's" and other non-esstential stuff. This way you can pack the most learning into the least amount of time.

Normally $600/hour

The normal 1-on-1 consulting rate is $600/hour, so getting video training directly from me and also office hours every much for a much much lower cost is a fantastic value! 

Go from zero knowledge to skilled writer.

Easy to learn for any skill level.

We want to make sure you get a complete restart back to the basics. This includes lessons and tools to help you THINK like a copywriter before you ever write a word. Learning to think the right way will change the way you write (and sell) forever.



Bite-sized lessons make it easy.

I have a relatively short attention span, and generally won't watch loonngg and drooonning videos. For this reason I make each video very bite-sized and information packed. 

There are a couple of long-format interviews you can optionally watch, but the main lessons are packaged into quick and punchy lessons. 

Easy to learn for any skill level.

We want to make sure you get a complete restart back to the basics. This includes lessons and tools to help you THINK like a copywriter before you ever write a word. Learning to think the right way will change the way you write (and sell) forever.



When I first discovered what copywriting was, I was immediately obsessed. It made total sense that the way you approach trying to "sell" something has a profound effect on the outcome. 

By simply changing words around on a page, I was able to take my business to another level. I even developed a keen sense of what will sell, and what will flop. My goal is to trasmit all that information to you. We'll start with the famous KopywritingKourse, initiate you into the private group, move you along to AutoResponderKourse, then the Content Writing Kourse, and then the How to Become a Copywriter Course. It's gonna be fun :)

 See you inside the Premium Members Area! --Neville Medhora

KopywritingKourse: Career Jumpstarter

Testimonial Matt T

Based on the principles I first acquired from the Kopywriting Kourse just 8 months ago...

...I left my Houston based, oil geologist life behind to digital nomad it up in Eastern Europe where:

Cities are BEAUTIFUL, expenses are DIRT CHEAP, and life is CRAZY-FUN!

I'm funding myself through a small but growing copywriting career referencing Pub-Nev often.T

hanks for turning me into a paid writer Neville!

Kopy-Killing it in Budapest! 😎

--Matt Totten 

Katherine Testimonial

Neville, just wanted to thank you again for the great Kopywriting and Autoresponder courses. 

Although I’ve been writing copy for years, they’ve been great inspiration for fresh ideas. I’ve been showing my clients some of your awesomely irreverent work and it’s helping convince them to try some new things too. 

Today we dropped a fun new white paper to help our clients and prospects prepare for vampire attacks! Here are some of the responses we’ve received so far: 

"Thank you! I am safety manager here and this is a very good source of information. I am passing it out to key people in the organization.” 

"Thank you and I’ve already forwarded it to El Paso. You are a genius. Thank you.” 

--Katherine Chalmers

Testimonial Lucas

I LOVED the Kopy Kourse and always recommend it. 

It’s funny—it actually helped start my career. 

I took the course my senior year of highschool and used it to get an internship, where I hustled my ass off and got hired. 

Now, a few years later, I’m Marketing Manager for a dope non-profit festival that has 38K attendees. 

Your course is the bomb. 

--Lucas Czarnecki

Hassle Free Cancel

Different people stay members for different periods of time.  

Some people get everything they need out of the course and the community in a few months. Some people stay on for long periods of time and attend all the office hours, get their questions answered, and copy reviewed by the group on a regular basis. 

You get to chose. Cancel anytime. Just tell us to cancel your membership: 

Email: Neville@KopywritingKourse.com -or- Phone/Text: 1-713-301-1546


Why put off learning one of the most crucial skills in selling? Join The KopywritingKourse for only $97/mo. Immediately start getting bit-sized and actionable lessons to get your from knowing nothing about copywriting, to being able to improve every piece of writing (and selling) you ever do.

Even Non-English based businesses get results immediately:

"Neville, Just a quick feedback to your kopywriting course. It is amazing. 

I only applied the Headline Technique. It took only days to achieve results. We doubled the impact of our paid guest blog!  

Previously: 80 signups. 8 sales. $1,960 revenue. $640 ad cost.

After we changed the headline: 160 signups. 16 sales. $3,840 revenue. $640 ad cost.

Time spent on changing the headline: 30 minutes.

Only 30 minutes, we DOUBLED the ROI! Copywriting is amazing!!!! 

By the way, my business target Chinese market, what you taught also work in foreign markets though I use a different language."

--Lynn - Happy KopywritingKourse Customer

Get all this value packed in a bun!

burger bun

Become a premium KopywritingKourse member for...

$97 per month

Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

  • The Kopywriting Kourse (worth $197) video course that's taught thousands of people to create copy, content, and emails that bring in the dollars.
  • The Kopywriting Checklist that guides you (or your employees) through a rush-method of writing a piece of copy. Just follow along the guide. 
  • Two live Office Hours (worth $600) video calls per month. Join in, ask questions, or just watch.
  • Invite to our Private Group (worth $300). This is a group only for people who have taken KopywritingKourse. Ask questions, see insider info, meet others, become part of a like-minded community.
  • Two live Office Hours (worth $600) video calls per month. Join in, or just watch.
  • Full Recording Archive (worth $600) of past Office Hours and answered questions. Curated so there's likely answers to your questions.
  • The Autoresponder Kourse (Worth $97) that will teach you the secrets of writing copy all through an autoresponder sequence. This is a key piece of building an audience. Two live Office Hours video calls per month. Ask questions about your own autoresponder and see how other are setting theirs up also.
  • Two live Office Hours (worth $600) video calls per month. Ask questions about your own autoresponder.

Month 4

Month 5

Or buy in Full:

  • The "Content Writing Kourse" (worth $497). This is the course where we go in-depth on content writing, and how you can literally create the best piece of content about a subject on Earth. No joke. This kind of training is what gets people ranked at the top of Google, and massive amounts of shares for their articles.
  • Two live Office Hours (worth $600) video calls per month. Join in, ask questions about your newfound knowledge of content writing. You can even submit your content to be reviewed by Neville and the group!
  • The "How to Become A Copywriter" Course (worth $497). This is designed to help you kick off (or improve) your career as a freelance copywriter. Even people with no desire to become a professional copywriter love this course. It will take you through everything you need to know from starting out, to getting new clients, to charging premium rates.
  • Two live Office Hours (worth $600) video calls per month. Join in, ask questions about your newfound knowledge of becoming a copywriter, or just lurk in the background and watch!
  • Can't wait to get all the content? Jump right into everything by buying in full. 
  • Great for businesses licenses. 
  • Great for serious students ready to jump in all-at-once (and save money while doing it).
  • BONUS: 1-hour 1-on-1 video consulation with Neville (Worth $600). That's right...when you buy in full we'll hop on a video call and work on stuff together. Just me & you. We'll get a TON of stuff written and planned in this time!
  • Buy in full here --> 

Crazily simple pricing. Get all this value rolled into one burrito.

Become a Premium KopywritingKourse Member:


Month 1 you get:

  • The Kopywriting Kourse (worth $197). The famous video course that's taught thousands of people to create copy, content, and emails that bring in the dollars.
  • The Kopywriting Checklist (worth $10) that guides you (or your employees) through a rush-method of writing a piece of copy. Just follow along the guide. 
  • Two live Office Hours video calls per month (worth $600). Join in, ask questions, or just watch.

Month 2 you get:

  • Private Facebook Group Invite (worth $300). This is a group only for people who have already taken The KopywritingKourse. Ask questions, see insider info, meet others, become part of a like-minded community.
  • Two live Office Hours video calls per month (worth $600). Join in, ask questions about The KopywritingKourse you just took, or just tune in to see what others ask.
  • Full Recording Archive (worth $600) of past Office Hours and answered questions. Lots of different questions have been asked and answered in the Recording Archive.

Month 3 you get:

  • The Autoresponder Kourse (worth $97) that will teach you the secrets of writing copy all through an autoresponder sequence. This is a key piece of building an audience.
  • Two live Office Hours video calls per month (worth $600). Ask questions about your own autoresponder and browse the Recording Archice to see others.
  • The Autoresponder Bank (worth $197) which is a collection of my own private autoresponders and other people's autoresponders you can use for inspiration.

Month 4 you get:

  • The Content Writing Kourse (Worth $297) that shows you the tactics, formulas, and research methods used to make content that gets read, ranked, and re-shared. 
  • Two Live Office Hours (Worth $600) where you can ask questions about content writing.
  • Facebook Group Support (worth $300) where you can run your content by our community.

Month 5 you get:

  • How to Become A Copywriter Course (Worth $497) that takes you through the process of becoming a copywriter as either a side-hustle or a full-time career. Some invaluable lessons from a top copywriter. This course will save you tremendous time and can possibly make you a lot of money.
  • Two Live Office Hours (Worth $600) where you can ask anything you want about becoming a copywriter. Income rangers, how to charge, critques of your portfolio. Join in the call, ask questions, or just watch.

This is the most bang-for-the-buck copywriting education out there. It includes everything needed to set you up for copywriting success: Video training, teachings on multiple subjects, group calls for your questions, and a community of people also training themselves to learn just like you. We're super proud to offer all of this to you for such a phenomenal price:

 Or dive right in and get everything all at once!

$970 one-time payment 

  • The Kopywriting Kourse (worth $197). 
  • The Kopywriting Checklist (worth $10). 
  • Private Facebook Group Invite (worth $300). 
  • Full Recording Archive (worth $600). 
  • The Autoresponder Kourse (worth $97). 
  • The Autoresponder Bank (worth $197). 
  • The Content Writing Kourse (Worth $297). 
  • Access to 12 months of Office Hours calls (worth $600/mo). 
  • How to Become A Copywriter Course (Worth $497). 
  • BONUS: Private 1-on-1 hour-long video call with Neville to work on copy (worth $600/hr).

You may cancel at anytime by emailing, calling, or texting us. After the 6th month we'll display an easy "cancel" button in your members area. Just hit that button and it'll nuke your membership at anytime. Once signed up, you will get immediate access to The KopywritingKourse premium video training, The Kopywriting Checklist, and access to the next live Group Coaching Calls. You will get an "Upcoming Office Hours" schedule page with links to join the calls. On this page you'll also be able to ask your own questions which Neville will answer live in the Office Hours. We do our very best to make the Office Hours timings fair for all the members across the world. Generally they are around 7pm CST on either a Wednesday or a Thursday, but we mix them up for our friends abroad. On the 2nd month of membership you will get an invite to the private Kopywriting Kommunity Facebook Group, the full Office Hours Video Archive, and also the next Group Coaching Calls. On the 3rd month of membership you will get The AutoresponderKourse video training added to your membership site, as well as the 2 monthly Group Coaching Calls. This is seriously the best dang value in copywriting I think you'll ever get. This includes self-paced training, a community of like-minded individuals bettering their copy, and personal attention from your intructor. We look forward to seeing you inside the Member's Area! 

If you have any questions please contact us anytime of the day or night:

Email Support: Neville@KopywritingKourse.com 

 Phone/Text Support: 713-301-1546

Love you :)

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