What Others Are Saying

I knew nothing about writing copy for products and Neville set us on the right path to creating great content. Our customers often write to us praising our product descriptions and newsletters for being more useful and thorough than they can find anywhere else.

Just wanted to say thanks for the great courses on copywriting and business blueprints. Your courses helped us get to 100k in sales!

- Sean Aquino
Nev, holy crap, I owe you big time man!

Aside from everything I told you about, my most recent venture just got featured on Tech Crunch!!! I literally only sent 1 email, and got a response within 5 minutes.

I owe it all to your courses, videos, and of course the new book!

- Mark Fazzini
I took your advice to heart and really had to rethink our business strategies.

I wrote the sales copy 2 days ago....sent a mass email last night at 10PM to our 2,400 subscribers and literally after 24hrs we have 18 confirmed orders for website design packages at $595 each. Our cost is only $150/per job...netting us $8,010 from the first day of that promotion!

We’re now at over 35 sold.
Before you our total revenue was $4,750 with zero profit. Now we’re past $20,000 in profit.

You really helped me open my eyes and I'm glad I had that meeting with you.

- Bella Vi